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Hezbollah shoots down Israeli Hermes 450 drone over al-Aishiya

Hezbollah shoots down Israeli Hermes 450 drone over al-Aishiya

LANGKATODAY - The Islamic Resistance in Lebanon, Hezbollah, announced on Sunday evening that it had successfully downed an Israeli drone over the al-Aishiya area in southern Lebanon at 10:50 pm.

It also targeted two buildings utilized by occupation soldiers in the settlement of "Metulla," achieving a direct hit with suitable weaponry, in retaliation to the recent Israeli attacks on southern villages and civilians, notably the town of Kfar Kila.

The Resistance confirmed that these two operations came in support of the steadfast Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip and their resistance.

In parallel, Israeli attacks on southern Lebanese villages continued, as hostile artillery shelling targeted the outskirts of the town of al-Khiam.

Hezbollah operations on the northern front

Earlier today, the resistance group conducted its first operation at 7:30 am, targeting a building used by Israeli soldiers in the "Shomera" settlement (the occupied Lebanese town of Tarbikha) with appropriate weapons.

Hezbollah also targeted at 9:30 am a newly installed surveillance equipment around the "Dovev" barracks with appropriate weapons, confirming that the hardware was directly hit and destroyed.

At 10:20 am, Hezbollah said it attacked the deployment positions of Israeli soldiers south of the Jal al-Alam site using heavy Burkan rockets.

In another statement, the Resistance said that, after Israeli forces replaced previously targeted surveillance equipment at the "Misgav Am" military site, its fighters struck the newly installed hardware using appropriate weapons and destroyed them once again. Surveillance equipment at the al-Malkiya base was targeted and directly hit at 5:15 pm, Hezbollah stated, noting that the operation was carried out using appropriate weapons.

Revealing the last operation of the day, Hezbollah said in a statement: "In response to the Zionist attacks on southern [Lebanese] villages and civilians, including the most recent targeting the town of Kafr Kila, fighters of the Islamic Resistance targeted at 11:05 pm two buildings used by enemy soldiers in the Metula settlement with appropriate weapons, hitting them directly. (rel/almayadeen)

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