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Overseas Election Results' Claim Surfacing before Feb 14 False: KPU

Overseas Election Results' Claim Surfacing before Feb 14 False: KPU

LANGKATODAY - General Elections Commission (KPU) Head Hasyim Asy'ari clarified that the tabulation of ballots cast by Indonesian voters abroad for the 2024 General Elections will not precede Election Day in Indonesia.

Though Indonesian voters abroad cast their ballot earlier than in Indonesia, the counting process will take place on the same day as in Indonesia, on February 14-15.

"Hence, regarding any so-called election results from overseas polling stations surfacing before February 14, 2024, we are certain those are false," Asyari noted as per the statement received here on Saturday.

He explained that Indonesian voters abroad have a choice to vote by visiting a polling station, casting a vote at a mobile polling station, or by post.

The agency head's remarks were conveyed in response to a viral 27-second video in X, also known as Twitter, depicting activities at an overseas polling station overlaid with what the creator claimed as the 2024 election results in several areas.

The video, uploaded on Wednesday (February 7), garnered 2.8 million views and was reposted 342 times. The video also prompted various responses from social media users.

Though the KPU has set February 14 as Election Day, the agency allowed overseas electoral organizers to open polling stations before February 14.

For instance, overseas electoral organizers in Kuwait opened their one polling station on February 9, while organizers in Brunei Darussalam, Turkey, and Singapore will open their polling stations on February 11.

However, Indonesian voters casting their votes abroad will only vote for presidential and House of Representatives (DPR) candidates, in contrast to voters in Indonesia who will also vote for candidates of the Regional Representative Council (DPD) and regional legislatures at the provincial and district or city levels. 

Source: antara

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