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No absenteeism on voting day to determine next leadership: Minister

No absenteeism on voting day to determine next leadership: Minister

LANGKATODAY - Coordinating Political, Legal, and Security Affairs Minister Mahfud MD urged young voters to exercise their right to vote and not be absent on the voting day to take part in determining the nation's leadership.

"Do not be absent based on the reason that there are no good candidates. Do not behave like that," Mahfud stated while delivering his remarks in an online public discussion as monitored from here on Thursday.

The minister noted that young voters should exercise their right to vote, so they can participate in determining the nation's leadership for the 2024-2029 period.

Mahfud emphasized that all candidates participating in the 2024 election, both in the presidential and legislative elections, have been selected through various stages regulated by the prevailing law and regulations.

He then invited young people to vote for the running candidates.

According to Mahfud, there will be disadvantages if the people did not exercise their voting rights.

He noted that leaders of the nation should be selected through election and be voted by the people while affirming that absentees would still be bound by the election results.

"Being absent is a loss because one vote has a very great impact on the state's future," he emphasized.

He also pointed out that members of the younger generation, especially millennials and generation Z, chiefly constituted voters in the 2024 elections.

Voters, aged 17-30 years, account for 31.29 percent and voters, aged 31-40 years, comprise 20.7 percent in the next year's election. Thus, the younger generation plays an important role in determining the direction of the country's leadership.

In order to ensure the successful holding of the 2024 elections, Mahfud also drew attention to the important roles of students, as educated young people, and universities, as institutions that should be free from political interests. (rel/antara)

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